Is US planning attacks on Syria?

On the White House agenda, again you will find the subject of a US military attack on the Syrian’s President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. US authorities officially re-consider the possibility of military intevention in Syria, however, as “The Washington Post” transmitted, there is little chance for the US President Barack Obama to approve this action.

This topic keeps appearing for a longer period, as a possible solution for stopping the crisis in Aleppo, where the civil war broke out.

Last Wednesday, leaders of the State Department, the CIA and the Department of Defense discussed the limited military strikes on the positions of the Syrian army that protects the Syrian President, “for him to pay the price for the violation of the truce and war crimes.”

Further details of the meeting remain secret, but a source for “The Washington Post” revealed that the operation would include the bombing of Syrian highways and bridges with cruise missiles and other weapons with long reach.

One of the officials even suggested bombing the positions of the Syrian army and not informing the public about it.

-” I Think only three or four people in the administration require the use of force, and I am astounded in that debate” – you can hear John Kerry’s voice on an audio tape, which leaked last week.

So far it is uncertain what will be offered to the American President, because military power and US Secretary of State apparently did not share the same views. Meanwhile, the Syrian army is advancing on the territory of Aleppo.

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