Trump’s “Unpopular” Buildings Around the World

The Big Shadow in Las Vegas


In October 2015, the Democratic Party’s first TV debate had to take place literally in the shadow of Trump. The TV duel held place in Vine luxury resort in Las Vegas and the”International Hotel and Tower Trump” was just behind them. Than the Republican presidential aspirant ensure that his name  will get a share of attention. Trump’s complex is the third tallest building in the city.

The Resistance in Chicago

The citizens of Chicago are opposed exhibiting the Trump name on the building of the local “Hotel and Tower Trump”. Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the move “offensive and tasteless” and tried to ban the installation of the large letters on the building. However, five years later, Trumo managed to put his name on the 16th floor. His building occupies the former site of Chicago Sun-Times.

The Scandal in Atlantic City


Building the Taj Mahal in the Atlantic City, New Jersey was completed in 1990 and cost $1 billion. Trump was the head of the hotel and casino for almost 25 years, but in 2014 came to the brink of bankruptcy. Then the complex was taken over by “Aykanat Enterprises” which retained the name. His sister hotel, Trump Plaza on the same street, later had to be closed due to insolvency.

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Trump’s pride


For “Trump Tower” in New York there were rumors that it is the pride and joy of Trump. The Tower on 5th Avenue, besides being based on Trump’s campaign for the elections, is also a home to several well-known tenants. Among them are the football legend Ronaldo, Bruce Willis and the composer of theater music Andrew Lloyd Webber. Trump an his family also live in the luxury tower.

The Controversial landmark of New York

A spacious atrium which occupies six floors filled with marble and gold details, some New Yorkers consider “Trump Tower” at the 5th Avenue as an example of bad taste, while others perceive it as elegant and timeless. The interiorwas designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes, and exterior of De Lap. “Trump Tower” is a magnet for lovers of modern architecture and of course for fans of Trump.

The misery and splendor of Panama City


“Trump ocean club” in Panama City Hotel includes 700 suites and club yachts. The tallest building in Latin America is well known in the region for it’s unique shape. This building has a drawn criticism because it is located next door to a poor neighborhood, and it is difficult to find tenants. But Trump already sold it to brand developer Roger Kafif and didn’t lose money on the property.

The Scottish resistance


“the best golf course in the world” like Trump calls his “Trump Golf Course” which is located near Aberdeen Scotland. However, Donald Trump was stopped to expand its golf course buy a local farmer Michael Forbes who still refuses to sell his land that borders the resort.

Erdogan against Trump


“Trump Towers” in Istambul

are the first Trump’s buildings in Europe, and are known for their huge wine cellars. Lately there have been calls to remove the name of Trump’s skyscraper. Trump’s views of Islam have caused a large number of Muslims in Turkey to change their opinion about it, among them is the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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