Trump: Putin is a better leader than Obama

The Republican candidate for the White House Donald Trump, said that the Russian President Vladimir Putin is a better leader than President Barack Obama.

Moreover, in the issue of the previous praise addressed to Putin, Trump said : “He still has the support of 82 percent of the citizens”

“If he says nice things about me, I will say nice things about him. I will accept his compliment when he says that I am brilliant.” added Trump.

Donald Trump was heavily criticized, when he urged Russia to dig emails that his rival Hilary Clinton wiped from the server. And it is not the first time that he praises the Russian leader, in December he said he felt honored to what Putin called “a talented person” .

Trump’s comments come at a time when when the relations between US and Russia over mount. The Minister of Defense Ash Carter recently said that “Russia has a clear ambition to distrupt the established international order”

On the other hand his rival Clinton again had a defensive attitude for the mails scandal while she was a Secretary of the State. An officer from the Navy said that he would end up in prison if he’d release such confidential information.

Clinton also said that her voice in the Senate from 2002 to the war in Iraq was a “mistake” and noted that Trump once supported the invasion.

” I took responsibility for my decision, my opponent never did the same ” said Hilary Clinton.


The former first lady of the United States vowed to defeat the Islamic State, but emphasized one thing – never to send military forces to Iraq.

The first presidential debate of the two candidates will be held on September 26. Us Elections are scheduled for November 8.

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