Tourism boost thanks to the famous Cartoon “Frozen”

Norway has been promoted by the Disney Film, so there is no need to invest in tourism marketing

Norway practically abolished the budget to promote the tourism, after that work was done thanks to the mega poplar animated Disney film “Frozen” by it’s scenery. And It is even more that they need.

Norway’s most beautiful west region, full with picturesque landscapes, radically snapped promotions budget for the next year, because they don’t know what to do with the tourists who flooded in greater numbers – more than the Scandinavians can stand.

Curious to see the country hat served as inspiration for the children’s film with the main characters Elsa and Anna, tourists completely filled accommodations, created serious traffic congestion problems and  totally popular destinations.

If the spectacular Trolltunga cliff was visited by 1000 people a year, today it has 100 000 visitors, and Geiranger fjord, which is under UNESCO protescion, this year was visited by 700 000 tourists.

You can imagine how that looks like, since the fjord has only 215 permanent residents.

Some of the real life scenes that served as inspiration for modeling Arandel, the fictional “Frozen” world :

171254-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite 171255-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite 171256-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite 171257-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite 171258-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite 171259-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite 171260-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite 171261-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite 171262-srekjata-gi-sledi-nacrtanite


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