Who of these three people killed Pablo Escobar?

Netflix released the second season of “Narcos”

Days ago the new season of “Narcos” was released, and unless you are late with “Peaky Blinders” you don’t have an excuse for not seeing it. There are three versions of the Escobar murder. Of course, in all three he participates, but especially in the third.

On December the 2, 1993, the richest and most powerful drug lord of all times tried to escape through the roof of the house he was hiding in in Medellin. He was shot dead and those who persecuted him did not miss the opportunity to be photographed with his dead body, transmitting their glory and not worrying about the dangers such fame brings in a country like Colombia.

According to the rival gangs, and the intelligence documents the group on the photographs is not the one that ended “El Patron’s” life.

In late 1899, after previous internal deals with Colombian authorities that ended shameful and humiliating, the President Virgilio Barco decided to put an end to compromise and create a special unit (Squad Search) that will hunt Escobar. The aid was working with people from the CIA and the DEA, and according to the official version, the people of this Detachment are those who killed Pablo.

That is not the case in the findings of Mark Bowden, the author of the book “Killing Pablo” in 1993 another group that called themselves “Los Pepes – People Persecuted by Escobar” joined the hunt. Los Pepes were men of rival cartels, former members of the Escobar cartel and any characters that had unsettled issues with him. They offered money that would help his liquidation, and it was not important weather whoever kills him works for the government or it was a paid killer.

The money came from the Cali cartel and competitive intelligence support from the Americans. Daily average of 6 people died, among the Pablo group. In this second version, Escobar killed Don Berna’s brother, that is central figure in the Los Pepes group.

The final – third version is the one told by his son Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, who later changed his name to Sebastian Marokin. He insist that his father committed suicide, because he heard him several times talking that he would rather shoot himself in the right ear, than fall into the hands of the police. The deadly wound of the drug king was a gunshot wound in his right ear.

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