Stress kills us slowly in the following 10 ways

Knowing the consequences of stress, makes it easier to fight it!

The modern “silent killer” called stress, is the most difficult one to fight with. It would be easier to fight it if we know what little things he does to our body..

1. Skin rash

– If all of a sudden you notice a skin rash on your body, without any allergic reaction, it is probably as a result of stress. If you constantly feel stressed, your immune system is getting weaker and starts to react on the changes releasing histamines rapidly. If you don’t relax, little itchy red spots are likely to appear on your body.

Solution: Put a wet clean towel on the rash, if it doesn’t go away take an antihistamin.

2. Loosing and gaining weight too often

– All of your nervous breakdowns can cause releasing of cortisol that doesn’t let your body to process your blood sugar, and changes the way the fat, proteins and carbs metabolize in it. That way you can loose or gain lots of weight.

Solution : Try to eat more nuts, if you don’t have the appetite, the fibers and proteins from the nuts will do you good.

3. Constant headaches

– If you usually don’t have headaches, and you realize that you constantly have one in the past 2-3 days, it is one of the consequences of too much stress. The chemicals that are released can change the nerves and blood vessels in the brain, that leads to a headache. On the other way, if you have migraines frequently, stress can make them even worse.

Solution : Use ibuprofen  for strong headaches, and if you don’t like pills buy a lavender or peppermint oil and massage your pulsing spots.

4. Nervous stomach

– Stress causes diarrhea, and can disorder your stomach in many ways. It can slow the food processing that causes pain, vomiting and colic.


Solution: Try to drink ginger tea in the morning.

5. Frequent cold

– The bad influence stress has on our entire immune system, makes us fragile to infections and viruses. People under stress get sick too often. It can be a simple cold, that goes away in few days but still if we are stressed out it always takes longer to heal.

Solution: A study has shown that supplements like zink or pills that consist it, can help us heal faster. We advice meditation, exercise and loads of sleep so you can relax and strengthen your immune system.

6. Acne

– And you already thought that acne are long gone. If you are not a teenager it is most likely a stress consequence. More hormones are produced during stress like cortisol, that mixes with the skin dirt and leaves us with pimples.

Solution: Use face creams that consist bensoil peroxide, or from home remedies you can wash your face with green tea or put aloe vera gel.

7. Chaotic thoughts

– Stress lowers our concentration, memory and causes anxiety and depression.

Solution: Slow your daily routines, rest and sleep until you feel recharged.

8. Hair loss

– If you notice an increased hair loss it most definitely can be result of stress. It is normal for every human being to loose some hair, that regenerates later.. but when stress is involved huge number of follicles is resting, that causes hair loss.

Solution: Find a way to relax your body, the hair will regrow. You might also try serums with garlic that helps a lot.

9. You wake up tired

– If when you wake up in the morning you feel tired, and you slept trough the night, you are probably exhausted. Your body can’t get enough rest because of the stress..

Solution – Postpone your obligations, and try to relax both physically and psychologically. 

Rješenje: Usporite. Sve obveze koje se ne moraju odmah obaviti – odgodite i priuštite si fizički i psihički odmor.


10. You are not willing to have Sex

– When you are stressed out sex is the last thing on your mind. You don’t even think about it. When a sexual desire appears you will probably feel bad and you won’t do it.

Solution : Try to do sports, whatever you like.. Biking, running, yoga, your body balance will be back in shape thanks to the activity.


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