The story of Amanda Knox – The murder which rocked the entire planet

Netflix made a documentary about her story – Believe her?

Amanda Knox was an American who spent nearly 4 years in an Italian prison after the charges that she killed her roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007, in Perugia. Amanda was 20 years old in 2007, and now she has 29, and in meantime she has gone trough hell.

The night of the murder she was with her boyfriend Raffaele Solecito. The murdered Meredith Karcher was found dead in her bedroom with 17 bruises and 7 cuts.

Italian media represented Amanda in an extremely bad light, before the trial even began. She was found guilty at the initial trial and sentenced to 26 years in prison, which caused international controversy. US forensic scientists reviewed the evidence and concluded that Amanda could not be involved in the killing.

Due to the wrong judgement, she spent nearly 4 years in prison and her life was turned into hell. Now a documentary was filmed, in which the young lady discovers everything that happened.


The strange moment in which investigators believed that she killed her roommate

The murder weapon still haven’t been found, and the police decided to search Rafaelle’s apartment (Amanda’s boyfriend). They wanted to review his blades in case any of them matches the blade that killed Meredith. Amanda began to panic and struck her ears. The Italian Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini attended the scene and thought that Amanda is going back at the murder scenes. Then suspected that she killed Meredith, although there was no proof.


Police told Amanda that she was HIV positive, even though it was a lie

Amanda was already in custody, completely broken, when police asked her for a list of people she had sex with. They hoped that this would lead to more witnesses or suspects. Then they developed a theory that more people were involved in the killing.

The media destroyed her completely

Not only every single day of the trial was followed, but there were many sensational and untrue allegations. Probably the worst thing was made by a Daily Mail journalist – Nick Piso, who admitted in the documentary that no one investigated the facts in the stories before publication, because of exclusivity.


Amanda and Raffaele knew each other for only five days before the murder

Can you imagine to meet and begin dating, know each other for five days, and then be charged together for murder and the agony last for eight years? Raffaele Solecito has been a long time in prison, and even spent six months in solitary confinement. And after all, he still liked Amanda.

  The prosecutor had romantic ideals that hinder the investigation

Mignini was a fan of detective stories, and especially liked Sherlock Holmes. According to it, he liked to make conclusions about the evidence. For example, he believed that since the victim’s body was covered with a blanket, the killer was a woman. He thought that only a women would remember to cover the body.

This explains why he was telling great stories about the murder. He spoke of the murder describing passionately Amanda as a seductress who convinced a boy ( that she knew for 5 days ) to kill her roommate. Also Mignini has been a devoted Catholic and often preached about the good and the evil, and guild and God’s judgment. This man continues to believe that Amanda and Solecito committed the murder.

” If you are innocent, I hope you will be able to forget the suffering that was caused to you. If you are guilty you escaped the justice of the earth, I hope you have a guilty cibscience because I know that life ends with the final judgment – judgment without appeal, review and other opportunities ” – he said.


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