Scandal! Trump talks to women in a vulgar, sexual way..

“Washington Post” reported scandalous video where Trump talks to women in a vulgar and sexually aggressive language.

The American newspaper “Washington Post” published a scandalous video of Trump in 2005, in which he discussed with women in a vulgar and sexually aggressive language. The three-minute long video is a dialogue between the Republican candidate for president Billy Bush and leading the way ti the set of the soap opera “Days of our life”. During the conversation Trump is defined as sexist and misogynist during the campaign he revealed with pride that a married woman tried to seduce him. And not just her.

According to “Washington Post” that happened only 7 months after the marriage to his third wife Melanie. He even talks about how he would attack the actress Ariana Zuker while she goes towards him. “When you are a star, they (women) will allow you to do anything. To kiss them, grab them.. It is no lawful.. You can do whatever you want. – He explained.

Published just a month before the election on November 8, Trump apologized ” It was just a teaser, personal interview, which took place many years ago. I apologize if anyone felt offended” – said the millionaire in an official statement to journalists.

Clinton however did not spare comments addressed to Trump:

“It is horrible. No, we can not allow this man to become president” she wrote on “twitter” minutes after the clip was posted on the “Washington Post” and then broadcast on TV.

Immediately after the video the President of the Republican National Committee Pribus Raines also said on the subject: ‘No woman should be described in a similar way, or commented with such language. Never!”

Feel free to watch the video on the next link:

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