Read something difficult to your children

At the moment when the child can read simple books, your job as a parent is to start to read him/her a difficult book far above its capacity, says the author of the book Teach like a Champion, Doug Lemon.

Yes, encourage your children to practice decoding and liquid of texts for their age. But note that when you read a book that is more complex than they themselves can read, you prepare for the more difficult task : understanding difficult concepts and complex texts”, explains Lemov.

The benefits of this range from the obvious, is that the child would be exposed to more complex vocabulary to less visible, such that exposure to more complex sentences and more developed plot better prepares them for later when they will have to cope with such situations.

An additional benefit is that the books use words we don’t use in everyday speech, and the only way for children to learn these words is to read.

Lemov suggests that introducing heavy books means they will have to cope with a complicateed plit to them, while an adult who can help them decipher the problem, such as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter to a 6 year old.

He does not recommend parent’s interference in the child’s book choice. His opposition is of the view that children should be left alone to start to love to read, reading should be easy. He “has more faith” in children and believes that they can cope with heavier content until there is a parent or an adult who helps them through.

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