Razor for a lifetime

Even though safety razors have a single sharp blade, they are still intimidating, specially for women, normally most of us don’t have dad lessons in front of the mirror, so one look at a safety razor could bring a Sweeney Todd visions, and send us running back to the little plastic tool we feel completely safe using.

Here is a good new product on the market that comes with four blades, and each lasts for a few weeks, depends on how often we use it.. we should unscrew the base and place the blade under the protective metal cover it, and then screw it back on top. Our skin should be covered with cream, or oil for smoother glide, and then shave as usual. Only thing that we should remember is not to use pressure on the razor, the head is weighted and does all the work. You will come out of your shower with the best shave you ever had, and you will have absolutely zero irritation..

The next best thing is that the razor itself lasts for a lifetime, so you should only buy blades, and a pack of two is cheaper than two morning coffees. Try this blazer and you will never use the plastic ones again.

Oui Shave Carrie 14k Gold Razor Set (shaving oil not pictured), $85, ouishave.com.

Photo credit : https://www.ouishave.com/products/carrie-14k-gold-razor-set-neroli

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