Obama called Trump “wacky” and “uninformed”

Barack Obama criticized Donald Trump from Laos today, and called him “wacky” and “uninformed” after the Republican candidate for US president, yesterday said that he believes that the Russian President Vladimir Putin is a better leader than Obama, says BBC.

Obama participating an Asian summit in Laos, said that every time when Trump starts talking, it becomes increasingly clear that the Republican candidate is unqualified to be a president.

-” I think the man is unqualified to be president of the United States and every time he speaks it is confirmed. I think what is important to the public and reporters to follow what he says and asks, giving contradictory and nuts ideas proves that he is uninformed.” Obama said.

Trump, who yesterday answered the questions of war veterans, last night in New York, with his rival Hillary Clinton, said that if elected for President he “will agree well with Putin”.

-” Putin has a rating of 82 %. HE called me brilliant and I will accept his compliment ” said Trump, adding that the Russian president has “excellent control over his land.”

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