NY city protests

Islam believers frightened.

The murder of an Imam in Queens provokes Protests

The murder of the imam and his friend On Saturday afternoon, during a prayer in the New York district of Queens provoked protests and fear in the community of immigrant Muslims from Bangladesh. The victim was 55 years old Maulama Akondzhi , also from Bangladesh , who arrived in the US two years ago.

The Police is still searching for the killer, 64 -year-old Tara Uddin was the second victim.

The motive for the attack is not yet determined, but the Muslim community is convinced that it was a murder of hate.”There is nothing in the preliminary investigation, indicating that the victims were attacked because of religion, but we don’t exclude the possibility” said Inspector Heneri Sotner from the NYPD.

Naim Akondzhi’s 28 year old daughter, one of his seven children, claims that her father, who ran the mosque two years, never had problems with anyone.” According to her, he and Imam Uddin were close friends and always went together to the mosque from their homes on the same street.

Police found the couple shot in the head after they left a mosque in the neighborhood of Ozone Park in Queens, a little before 14 pm on Saturday. Akondzhi died on the spot, and the companion – from injuries later in hospital. The Records from the video surveillance show thata man approached from behind, shot them and then fled with the gun in his hand. Members of the Muslim community in Bangladesh insist that the killing should be treated as a hate crime. Over 100 people gathered for a protest rally yesterday and shouted “We want justice.”

The Council of American – Islamic Relations organized a press conference near the site of the Imam of the local mosque: “This is a crime of hatred directed against Islam.” Sarah Said from the team of the New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, responsible for relations with Muslim communities, attended the rally and said: “I understand the fear, because I can feel it. I understand the anger, but it is important to perform a thorough police investigation.”

Members of the community claimed that they really do not feel safe. Some Islam believers said that Donald Trump and his anti-Muslim statements caused Islamophobia.

Trump has proposed to ban the Muslim immigrants to enter the United States.



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