Millions fleeing from home because of Hurricane Matthew

Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina evacuating..

The most powerful Caribbean storm in almost ten years engulfed Bahamas on Thursday, and continued to strengthen as it moves to the south east coast of the US, where the mass exodus of millions of people started to evacuate.

The roads in the states of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina are filled with numerous vehicles and the petrol pumps and shops for groceries remained without articles, in anticipation of Hurricane Matthew, who is accompanied by winds that blow with 185 kilometers per hour and heavy rains.

In these countries there is a state of emergency and the population is evacuated from coastal areas. The National Guard is also mobilized. Schools and airports across the region are closed on Thursday and some hospitals evacuated the majority of patients.

Hurricane Matthew on Wednesday ravaged the Caribbean, killing 26 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, after it Veered to the US. It is expected that it will have a direct run into eastern Florida on Thursday night, said the US National Hurricane Center.

“Everyone in our country must now be prepared for a direct hit. If Matthew directly hits Florida, the devastation could be disastrous and we should be ready.” – Said the local governor Rick Scott at a news conference in Tallahassee on Wednesday.


The strongest hurricane in the last ten years in hit the southwestern regions of Haiti on Wednesday, damaging about the 80% of the houses in the area in which live more than 700,000 people. In the ruins and floods at least 22 people lost their lives.

Haiti is the poorest country in Central America, on Sunday there were supposed to be the Presidential Elections, but they have postponed them, due to the devastating effects of the hurricane. Haiti is the most vulnerable of all Caribbean countries when it comes to the weather, primarily because of deforestation and land erosion.

The Hurricane hit in the Dominican Republic, where four people died, and stroke the east coast of Cuba, the area 90 km east from the bay near the US military base Guantanamo.

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