You can Grow Medical Marijuana at Home in Canada

Medical Marijuana legalized in Canada

The federal government has announced new rules for medical marijuana users that will allow patients to grow their own at home, but also will include stricter labelling for dried pot and cannabis oils.

The new law will come to an effect in less than 2 weeks from now, the 24th of August to be precise, and if you have any trouble sleeping, anxiety, or that pesky glaucoma you could skype your doctor and get a prescription to operate at home legally.

South in the states marijuana is of course completely illegal on pair with heroin, cocaine and meth productions.

Every 42 seconds to 1 minute, another American is arrested for marijuana possession. In non-legal states, such an arrest can still lead to thousands of dollars in court costs, permanent loss of income/job, and 5 years or more in a wildly profitable private prison…

There are some rumors however that Obama will try to help marijuana users in the US busted for smoking or possession.

PS. Entire nation has seen his daughter smoking “the dangerous controlled substance”.

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