The marketing deception we call Detoxification

Moliere wrote “350 years later people will willingly do a hydrotherapy colon thinking that the all the toxins in their body will go out through the rectum”, in one of his comedies.

Apart from this invasive techniques, most detoxification boil down to different diets in combination with various confounded (grass and broccoli) or similar healthy fluids (anise tea) that come in powder, capsules or syrups. Last in the series of “magical healthy ingredients” is black ice intoxicant made from coconut ash and it has become one of the biggest and smartest trends in New York.

Opposed to this wave, there are legions of doctors like Gianni Dorta from Lausanne University Hospital that explain :

“These detoxification products mark the return of quackery. There is absolutely no need to detoxify the human body, because the liver and our kidneys are completely dedicated to it”

The philosophical approach to all of this, especially enemas, in the words of Jean Baudrillard is that we try to “bleach our body to hide it’s natural state, which is considered as faulty.” Another philosopher Yannis Kostadinis says “the complete cleaning is a sign of continued unrest in the Western World,our body is natural, and imperfect and releases odors, we only think that we can improve it by cleaning”

-“This is nothing more than metaphysical guilt. The disappearance of religion left a void that is filled with this second religiosity of mixed beliefs, without any form of grandeur. So we therefore maintain old rituals, even modernize them, but their deeper meaning is lost” explained Kostadinis.

Vincent Sespedes, explained this matter by the gullibility of people in a single belief. ” Detoxification and her emotional asceticism makes people think that there is an existential paradise somewhere, accessible only trough exercise prescribed by dealers esteem. And the message always remains the same: You use only 10% of your capacity, but could soon use up to 90% every day if you follow these new rules.”

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