Marion Cotilliard confirmed she was pregnant, and denied the rumors of affair with Brad Pitt.

The French movie star Marion Cotilliard is currently in the center of the Jolie and Pitt divorce scandal, because there are gossips that Brad cheated Angelina with the french actress.

Marion has denied the allegations that she had an affair with Brad during the filming of “Allied” in which both actors are acting. The french newspaper “Closer” says that the 40 year old actress confirmed she was pregnant, and her due date is in December. Marion tweeted ” This will be my first and only reaction to the news that broke with a whirlwind 24 hours ago, that I was implicated in this. I’m not accustomed to comment on such things, nor do I take them seriously. But since the situation is unstoppable and the rumors affect people I love, I must speak out. First many years ago I met the man of my life, the father of our son and the baby which we expect. He is my love, my best friend, and the only one I need. Secondly I am thankful of those who have indicated that I am devastated. But as media and the “haters” who rushed to bring judgement, sincerely I wish you a speedy recovery. Lastly, my great desire is Angelina and Brad, who I deeply respect find peace in this very turbulent time. With all my love, Marion”.

Marion is in a long relationship with actor and director Guillaume Canet, for almost 10 years, and have a five years old son called Marseille.

The trailer of the film “Allied” premiered yesterday, just hours after it was announced that Brad and Angelina are divorced.

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