Man driven by the Tesla autopilot, lost his life

The first traffic accident with the famous Tesla autopilot .

A man lost his life on Thursday, after the autopilot on his car did not react when a truck with a trailer showed up all of a sudden.

The accident took place in Florida, and Tesla Motors refused to say whether the error was in the autopilot, or the driver in the car. There was a statement where they explained that in front of the car all of a sudden appeared a white truck, and there was too much sun, so the autopilot with all the sensors probably couldn’t spot the vehicle, and did not activate the brakes.

From¬†Tesla Motors say that their buyers are required to give “explicit confirmation” that they realize that the autopilot is a new technology that is still in development, otherwise the system will remain off.

The debate whether the autonomous vehicles can make a decision in the area of a second continues, and this accident led to a new investigation of the authorities about the safety of the Tesla autopilot. The Agency for traffic safety on national highways, explained that even if they started an investigation, it doesn’t mean that there is a defect in Tesla vehicles.


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