Lemon water improves your health

The lemon is one of the smallest and most used citrus fruits, but being small doesn’t prevent his large amount of benefits. Lemons are great source of citric acid, they contain Vitamin C and have no cholesterol. They are used in many deserts, salads and a variety of savory dishes.

Very common and healthy habit is adding lemon to tea or water. Lemon water consumption can have a major effect on our health, increasing the absorption of Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Lemon water improves your immune system, because lemons contain nutrients that fight infections. They clean the body from toxins, help digestion, and are considered to be the richest source of citric acid. Citric acid protects against kidney stones. Water with lemon, every day before breakfast helps you stabilize pH levels in our body, and prevents urine infections, hydrates the skin and prevents wrinkles and aging.

It is best to consume it at room temperature or warm. A great fact is that lemon water helps us eat less, because it suppresses the feeling of hunger, and plus it flushes toxins from the body.

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