Learn the secret behind the ideal and healthy breakfast

Start your day with the ideal breakfast, no matter where you are

The experts say if you want to watch your weight in the summer is even more important to have a proper breakfast. The ideal breakfast for warm weather is cereal and yogurt, say nutritionists.

The keywords of the experts are “lightness” and “digestibility” available in these 10 rules to follow to start the day off right.

1. Never miss it. This is a rule that applies all year. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is the most important one. In summer it is even more important to ensure a good fluid intake, and thus counteract the body’s dehydration.

2. Make sure it is fresh. Especially for the case of beverages. If you like and digest milk it is good to start the day with it cause it brings water, proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals. Fresh yogurt is a great starter as well. If you don’t like milk and dairy products you can replace them with juice or tea with no sugar added.

3. Cereals. Corn flakes, oats, muesli, whole grains they are all perfect because they contain simple and complex sugars. Better yet, then, if they are accompanied with dried fruit or berries.

4. OK to bakery products. Bread, biscuits ,rusks : there will be little among the coolest things you can eat, but in this case you do not have to give up those products that maybe consumed in winter. Satisfy the taste, but help to balance the energy intake of carbohydrates and calorie limit.

5. Fruits. Especially when we’re on vacation , we have the time to wash it, peel it , and cut it . Fresh and tasty the fruits are pleasant for the body heat and helps us to introduce fiber, minerals, vitamins, polyphenols and water.

6. Be careful with the hotel breakfasts. As tempting as they are, the super buffet that hotels and resorts offer you on vacation the advice is to try only one sweet a day (perhaps varying during the week ) and , on the contrary , to exaggerate with fruit. Not sweet and sour mix and , in the second case , avoid foods high in fat such as bacon or fried eggs .

7. Eat less while you are at sea. The buffet rule applies especially at sea, with the high temperatures you have to be careful upon digestion when you are preparing to take a bath .It is always a good advice to eat plenty of fruit , while if you love salty you can eat lighter for example bread and tomato.

8. Have a rich breakfast if you are in the mountains. Holidays in the mountains ? In this case, especially if you plan to go hiking or sports , you need a lot of energy . We grant you a sweet and even more chocolate.

9. Say no to breakfast-lunch if you are in the cities of art ” We eat much at breakfast so we skip lunch . ” When vacationing in a city of art , there are many things to see , the risk is to never stop so as not to waste time . Error. Better to split a meal on the other , always to avoid burdening too much and to lengthen the digestion times.

10. Take the time you need (and share).A quick coffee before running to the office ? No thanks! This morning you’re on vacation and you do not have to work . Take all the time you need for breakfast , maybe experimenting with new foods , enjoying the sun and the air . The first meal of the day can also be a time to be together as a family.

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