Kim Kardashian’s friend returns to Big Brother, to confront her ex

Cheban vs. Ray J

This Big Brother’s season which is All-Stars vs. New stars – themed, Ray J entered the house as a newcomer. We have the information that Cheban, 42, who starred in season and quit the show after a week, will “confront ” the R&B singer. Jonathan’s schedule is apparently crazy in the moment because he has other shows in development, but he loves Celebrity Big Brother and he wants to be part of it in some way.

When he heard that Ray J would be in the house, he was totally interested to go in and cause a little drama.

The source explains that Cheban’s arrival sometime this week will catch the “Sexy Can I?” crooner, 35, totally off guard. “He has no idea this is going to happen,” the source tells Us.

During the Tuesday, January 3, episode of the reality show, Ray J bragged about the infamous sex tape that boosted Kardashian’s career. “You might know me for a lot things — music, reality TV, oh, and you might also know me for my d–k,” he told the cameras. “People wanna know about the sex tape with me and Kim Kardashian. Order it, put some money in my pocket. … Y’all still j–rking off to the sex tape? Enjoy!”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians costar Cheban then slammed the “I Hit It First” singer on Twitter, writing, “What a loser #CBB (you know who I’m talking about)..see you soon London,” he wrote. “I’m still trying to figure out who the all stars are? #cbb #CBBUK.”

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