Kelly Brook: not being married makes her a “success”?

The Lady Of Love

She will be 37 in a few months and has no regrets about not being married.

Today, speaking on Good Morning Britain, the English model, actress and television presenter best known for her roles in the 2010 horror comedy remake Piranha 3D and in the NBC sitcom One Big Happy sad:

“I see this as a success – because it means I’ve managed to dodge so many bullets!”

kelly 2
“I just wasn’t ready to settle down before. My life was so chaotic. I’ve been working in television since I was 18, I was travelling around the world constantly – particularly back and forth to America. For years, I tried to fit in dating while managing my career but the truth is I just didn’t have a lot of time for men – even though it seems that that’s all my life is about!”

Over the past years she was in a relationship with Billy Zane, Thom Evans, Danny Cipriani and David McIntosh.

Kelly is now in a relationship with martial arts pro Jeremy Parisi and appears happier than ever.

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