Home made Ketchup anyone?

Home made ketchup recipe.

Being a mother makes you do many things that you haven’t done before. Creating your own little garden for instance that will provide healthy and organic vegetables or fruits for your little ones to eat. Now a days it is truly hard to find tomatoes that don’t taste like plastic, not to mention the disgusting things farmers spray them to prevent and postpone the rotting, or the insects to feed on them. So when my first son was born, me and hubby decided to plant some tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and cucumbers in our backyard. The broccoli hardly survived, from 6 big plants only 2 of them were not eaten by caterpillars, but it was enough to freeze some for winter, however the tomatoes and peppers surprised us. We ate healthy and you can’t even imagine how tasty tomatoes and peppers whole summer long. My kids adore this simple salad made of tomatoes, pepper, onions, olives, olive oil and cheese. Since the season is ending I wanted to make sure that they have enough of home made ketchup, since they love to eat loads of it.. I spent all day today, to make some for the winter stash. It took awhile, since the tomatoes have 80% water in them, they boiled for 4 hours at least, but the final product is so tasty that will make you lick your fingers if you put it on pasta, pizza or any other inspiring meal. Thanks to my italian friend i got this recepie and i would like to share it with you.


15 kg fresh tomatoes

900 gr sugar

100 gr salt

100 ml vinegar made of wine

200 gr starch

50 g oregano

First you wash the tomatoes, then you cut them in four peaces each and you put them in a large pan. You boil them for 30 minutes. They become soft and then warm you put them trough a tomato milling machine. When you finish they will look like a tomato juice. Then you put them back to the burner and add the sugar, salt and vinegar. When it becomes more like a puree (after few hours) you put the starch (previously mixed in 300 ml cold water) and you boil it for 30 more minutes. You stir it frequently. At the end you add the oregano you stir it well, and you put the ketchup in jars. Enjoy, we sure will 😉

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