How the Highly Successful People Deal with the Afternoon Fatigue

Each one of us felt like this, in the morning you wake up with the feeling that you will rule the world. The coffee is a stimulant. You start to finish the tasks until you close the afternoon. And then you start to feel an unexplained fatigue… The brain literally turned off and you can not believe that by the end of the day there are less than 3-4 hours left. This decline in energy level is known to many, therefore we will take the example of the most successful people on the planet, and their way of dealing with this problem.

Never have a meeting that lasts more than an hour

Commissioner Randy, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers ( KPCB ), says that he maintains his productivity level, strictly adhering to schedule meetings. It does not allow them to last longer than expected. Except for an emergency.


While it is advisable to train in the morning, before starting with work, some people need a boost in the afternoon. Evan Williams, founder of Twitter, is among them. He wants to train in these hours of the day. Williams said he is more concentrated in the morning and therefore wishes to practice in the afternoon when the productivity weakens.

Allow yourself a long lunch

Winston Churchill loved long lunches. He literally remained last on the table. Usually lunch was beginning at 13.00 and ended at 15.30, there were three main dishes, and at the table were his family and friends. Churchill was returning to the labor process afterwards, which continued until 17.00

Arrange personal meetings in the afternoon

Everything depends on knowing your energy. The mornings are probably too short to complete multiple tasks. And in the afternoon time, for example, you are more creative and willing to talk about your ideas. David Clay, co-founder and CEO of CommonBond, advised to adjust to your own pace and style of work.

Have a Nap

Sometimes it is best to take a nap 15 minutes. Why not 30? Arianna Huffington believes strongly in sleep and it’s ability ti rebound energy and improve productivity.Thomas Edison was also “for” rest in the afternon

Have a brief rest

Oprah used an interesting method to recover energy. Twice a day she practiced 20-minute breaks. We assume that the one was in the morning and the other – in the afternoon. Sometimes we do not need to sleep, but just rest our mind.


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