“Healthy” habits that are actually – unhealthy

“Healthy” habits that are actually – unhealthy

You endeavor to be persistent in carrying out some healthy habits, such as hand disinfection, filling the refrigerator with products with a small amount of fat, or a few hours more sleep over the weekend. But all the “healthy” habits are not so good.

Hand disinfection

We all know that washing hands is the most important thing. But skip disinfection with disinfectant preparations and wash your hands with plain soap. Namely, the antibacterial gel will dry your skin, and it is not effective against the stomach virus that causes diarrhea and vomiting.

ABS Workout

Studies show that they can cause back injury, especially on the lower part because of the strong pressure on the spine. They can damage the pelvis and cause incontinence.

Washing the intimate parts

Experts do not advise women about the deep vomiting of the vagina with various products that are sold exactly for those purposes. The vagina purifies itself, and by introducing various products you can disturb the pH values ​​of that sensitive area and make it more susceptible to bacterial infections.

Fruit juices

Although the packaging can write “natural fruit juice”, you will actually buy sugar. However, it’s better than carbonated juices, but if you really want a real fruit juice without sugar supplements, it will be enough for you to eat an apple.

Longer sleep during the weekend

A few extra hours of sleep over the weekends is not a bad idea, but you’re disrupting your biorhythm. Because of this, it is most common in Sunday to fall asleep late, and on Monday morning you are tired and unconscious. Therefore, it is best to keep up with your usual sleep rhythm and try to secure yourself 8 hours of sleep each night.

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