Gordon Ramsay was forbidden to attend Parent Meetings

Most of the times he didn’t show up to parents meetings with their children, and when he came he wished to make a selfie with the teacher. The next day, the famous chef received a mail from the school.

The popular chef revealed that he has been “banned” from going to the parents’ meetings in one of his daughters school. He acknowledges that he often fails to reach the parents meeting and when he went on one meeting it occurred to him to take a selfie with the teacher.

The next day he received a letter from the school in which he hinted:

“please refrain from further coming on parents meetings. We do not need the presence of Mr. Ramsay for them.”

– “I really fucked up that parent meeting” says Ramsey.

The master chef, supposed to attend the parents meeting to his youngest daughter Tilly ( 14 years old ). He didn’t revealed in which school she goes, but it is probably in LA where Ramsay has a $ 4.3 million house.


He also owns 30 restaurants in the world, the last one is in Las Vegas, where he sells expensive British Fish & Chips to the Americans.


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