Goodbye Puffy Eyes!

Forget about puffy eyes and dark circles in 5 minutes only, using sodium bicarbonate.

Having troubles with dark circles under your eyes?

             Now a days most woman spend hundreds of dollars on make up that covers the dark circles, bad pigmentation, or puffy eyes. Every one hates the tired look on their face, so they tend to use highlighters, powders, correction masks, and loads of other cosmetics. Sometimes trying to make things better we only make the situation even worse, by receiving the “panda effect” with too much white powder under the eyes.

If you really want to save some money, and have a fresh and natural look:

Mix sodium bicarbonate with few drops of water.

All you should do to avoid expenses and trouble is use few table spoons of sodium bicarbonate and 4-5 drops of water. Mix well this two ingredients with a spoon and apply it under the eyes – not on them. You can apply it with your fingers. Leave the mixture for a few minutes, wash it and enjoy in the results.. You will look fresh and younger <3!


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