Food For The Ladies

What Should Ladies Eat

From adolescence to menopause, what should women eat depending on the age More or less the same thing happens a bit ‘ to all women. From girls eat all we want and the belly is flat (or at least we can dispose quickly). With the approach of the 30 years our forms begin to change, the sides will widen a bit ‘ and we just can not lose those two extra pounds. By 50 we must be careful not to just be overdrive and to try to keep as much line as possible. But beyond the physical form and at the table tastes that change, any female age requires its proper nutrition based on body changes and lifestyle.

  • Adolescence is the age when the relationship with food becomes a problem. Often girls tend to avoid carbohydrates, but they are still in a period of growth and in need of all the nutrients . The power in this age lays the foundation of the structure of the bones, therefore should not miss foods rich in calcium and magnesium such as green vegetables (especially courgettes and spinach), nuts, seeds and whole grains. Also, almond milk, fresh figs and then oily fish, which contains omega-3 and the foods that contain fiber and zinc that help your skin. Zinc is contained, for example, in eggs and in chicken that are also high protein foods.


  • At twenty (the first half ) Among frequent parties and late hours, it is hard to maintain a regular diet. Vitamin B is important at this stage even thinking about the fact that maybe you start consuming alcohol. Among the foods that contain it, mushrooms, eggs , green leafy vegetables. At this age also it needs an iron basis, which tends to run out with the menstrual cycle, then you must eat sunflower seeds, nuts, fish, beef.
  • Twenty years (to 30) against the work stress and a hectic life we should take magnesium. It contains peas, avocados, dark chocolate, whole grains . Be careful with sugar and coffee which tend to diminish the reserves.
  • Between 30 and 40 If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, be prepared to also deal with the right nutrition. Folic acid is the watchword eat spinach, kale, asparagus (at least two servings a day), beans and citrus fruits (to be included in one serving per day of fruit). Vegetables and fruit are fine also consumed a smoothie .
  • Between 40 and 50,energy and concentration tend to fall in this age. Fish such as sardines and mackerel, peanuts and beef helps the production of antioxidants such as co enzyme Q. In the same foods, vitamin B helps to be more energetic and focused.
  • Menopausal.The right food at this stage of life helps reduce some menopausal symptoms . Phytoestrogens , for example , compensating for the decrease of hormones and are found in chickpeas, sesame, flax seed. Well also take soy, tofu and tempeh (produced from yellow fermented soybean) rich in protein, to replace the meat.
  • After menopause.In this age the iron is always necessary, but in smaller quantities than before. Best to digest it from plants, rather than meat. Make sure you eat green vegetables, nuts, seeds.zelenchuk You should avoid foods that cause sugar spikes and instead take protein and complex carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice) at each meal. This reduces the risk of diabetes and the loss of calcium in bones. Whole grains, sweet potatoes, eggs, beans should not be missed. The thing you must eliminate is refined sugar and include good fats that are found, for example, in fish and avocado .

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