FBI charged him with terrorism, and he can’t even tie his shoes.

A mentally handicapped boy, a terrorist threat?

We read for the sad and creepy destiny of a mentally handicapped boy in Esquire, and had the obligation to write something about it. The system thinks that this autistic boy, whose mental awareness is on 8 years, is a terrorist threat. So we will tell you the story in short:

Tony Pruitt had just ended his shift at a tattoo studio, when his mobile rang. The police called him to come the next day.. Calm and not making a big deal of it he went, thinking that the case will end with laughter.

But it wasn’t like that at all…

When he arrived in the police he was welcomed by agents of the FBI, asking him if he knew a certain Osama Anthony. He told them that he doesn’t know muslim people, and the agents explained him that in that case they have to talk with his son Peyton, who is mentally handicapped.

At that point Tony hired a lawyer, even though he was sure there is no need, and hoped that things will end well, he gave permission to the police to search his house and brought his son to the police.

18-year-old Peyton was diagnosed with mental retardation, autism and  ADHD. His functional level is like a 8 year old. He was never left home alone, and he couldn’t even tie his laces. He speaks slowly and when he is agitated or excited, he is swinging himself to calm down.

Such Peyton was questioned by the FBI alone, without attorneys or his father beside him. Meanwhile the police searched his house and seized laptops, PlayStation, iPad and totally legit copy of the book “Inside ISIS” written by the American Journalist Benjamin Hall.

After 4 hours of interrogation, the police decided to arrest Peyton on suspicion of aiding a terrorist acts. They told his father that ISIS sent him instructions for making bombs.

The recommended bail for a “class C” offence which Peton was facing is between 2.500 and 15.000 dollars. The judge determines bail of one million dollars…

You can read the original and entire story on this link :



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