Why is fat bad for us? Because sugar said so.

Living proof that science is unfair.

Back in the 60s, the sugar industry paid scientists to minimize the connection between sugar and health problems, and instead to blame the fat.

This was recently revealed by published documents, from which is clear that five decades of research on the links between diet and heart disease, including many of current official nutritional recommendations are shaped by producers and traders of sugar.

What today is known as the American Sugar Association, paid three eminent professors at Harvard (in today’s value of 50,000) to write expert review of scientific knowledge on the links between saturated fats, sugar and heart problems. And they carefully chose to review only studies corresponding to the order : to hide the role of sugar and highlight the ill effects of fat. Their work was then published in a respected medical store.

“From today’s perspective, it is quite dishonest but very clever move by the industry. Such expert reviews, especially if published in famous magazines, know how to shape the scientific debate.” says a professor of medicine.

At the time the medical journals were not obliged to disclose stakeholders and financial supporters of scientific studies as in the case today. But that does not mean that the practice of spin of scientific information has been lost. As it was last year, showed the New York Times or the year Associated Press, producers of soft drinks and sweets pour millions of dollars into scientific research that would be able to confirm the health innocence of their product.


Today the paid Harvard professors are dead, one of them later became chairman of Harvard’s Department of Nutrition and the other made it to chief operating officer in the Department of Agriculture, and participated in the preparation of federal nutrition recommendations for the population.

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