Everyone would be healthier if we had three days weekend

Because the human hedonism never motivates the people enough to change the “two days weekend” rule, the noble goal to have a cleaner planet, environmental protection, ecology sound so powerful that the question might be asked. Cause it’s a fact that when we rest, the planet also rests.

If we put a side every possible enjoyment you might imagine ( to go out in the city, not to think about colleagues, make barbecue with the family, read a book…) , the three days weekend might be one of the most elegant ways to reduce the damage we do to our environment.

They tried this in Utah in 2007, and only a year saved them couple millions dollars, plus there was 12, 000 tons of carbon dioxide less in the atmosphere. Four years later, however, the experiment was abandoned, because people complained that the services were not working on Friday.

Experiments with a reduced number of working hours in Sweden have shown that the number of sick people was decreased, and the productivity increased. Overall less work noticed more harmonic balance between life and work, that contributes better mental health and well-being.

The big question is can we afford it?

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