Eating chocolate for breakfast & lose weigh

eating chocolate for breakfast & lose weigh

Yes its true. 

The chocolate cake for breakfast or some kind of mild, believed or not, can help you burn calories faster, according to scientists. Namely, avoiding mild things can cause psychological dependence, that is, a condition in which we constantly long for good. But some studies have shown that if we eat something chocolate for breakfast, such as a good chocolate cake, it will stop our desire for mildness during the day and help us get rid of unwanted pounds faster. Eating breakfast for breakfast will help us lower our weight and maintain the weight of longer trails, according to researchers at Tel Aviv University.

Long-term avoidance of mild things can create a psychological envy of this food, and the morning dessert can control appetite throughout the day. In addition, metabolism in the morning is most active and fastest, so the sweet dessert will easily break down, reports Daily Mail.

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