Dr.Oz – the wealthy cheater

Dr. Oz is a man who made millions, of selling false stories, and ended up in court thanks to his hypocrisy.

Once Oprah Winfrey launched Dr. Mehmet Oz in 2004, he managed to “dazzle” millions of people around the world over the television, just with his advice of health. This is actually a man who constantly tries to sell it’s audience false stories, and therefore ended up in court.

He was telling people that the extract of green coffee is a liquid that melts the pounds like magic, and claimed that scientists agree with him. But for all those claims he never had scientific coverage. Researches in 2013 conducted that precisely green coffee doesn’t help people to loose weight, and the US Federal Trade Commission sued the company that produced this product.

After the accusation that he was deceiving the public, pitching various products for weight loss, Dr. Oz in 2014 had to face the Senate, where he admitted that he might have talked excessively about the pill. (The pill actually does nothing)

His claims are unfounded and inaccurate

A British Medical Journal conducted a study in 2014 which investigated the allegations of Dr. Oz show, and another program whose key theme was the human health. It was discovered that most of the statements of these shows are contradictory in terms of scientific research, or there is no evidence. Expressed in figures, 15 percent of the post on Dr.Oz were directly contrary to the scientific evidence, and even 30 percent of the posts were without proof.

The viewers sued him

Viewers who purchased supplements that are melting the kg – Garcinia Cambogia, using the recommendations of Dr.Oz, sued him. They said that Dr.Oz is selling a product claiming to be “magic”, and helps you lose excess weight without even exercise and diet. Then a rapresentative of the show Dr.Oz claimed that the indictment was threatening the freedom of speech of Oz claiming in court that the show doesn’t sell such products, nor is financially tied to any of those companies.


His reputation is not threatened just because of weight loss products

Oz is also accused of advertising other products, not only those of which are helping weight loss, Here is an example, in 2013 he said that people should use red palm oil to live longer. And claimed that it can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s even though he had no researches that prove that.

His advertising campaign earns millions

When Oz tells his audience to buy a particular product, they obligatory hear it. That is called the Dr. Oz effect. For example, at the time he launched an extract of green coffee, and earned a great $50 million from that product.

They tried to remove him from the University

Last year a group of 10 doctors wrote a letter to Columbia University, where Dr. Oz teaches in the department of surgery, and demanded to remove him from that position. Among other things they wrote that Dr.Oz constantly deceives the great public. Columbia still refused their request, and the reason is that the school is devoted to the principles of academic freedom and support freedom of expression.

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