Donald Trump Has One of the Best Private Jets in the World

Donald Trump’s Private Jet – Boeing 757 Full Documentary

The American businessmen, television personality, book author, and lately the Republican Party nominee for the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, or as many people in the world know him simply as Trump or The Donald, is a really discussed personality in the US at the moment.  Some people like him, some don’t.

Some support him in his campaign, some try to stop it. Mixed feelings all over the place.

But one thing that can’t be denied about this presidential candidate, is that Donald Trump owns the best private plane in the world – jet boeing 757.

Trump’s 757 is 3 times the size of the average private jet and is covered in gold, it is powered by Rolls Royce engines and has high-grade leather seats, two master bedrooms and a shower.  Check out this documentary about The Donald’s private jet:

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