Daughter cried and begged her father to stop and he was cold blooded

Due to a terrible scene in a supermarket, the world is shocked and worried for this parent’s behavior.

A father allegedly pulled his five-year old daughter hair, which was wrapped around the top of the shopping cart in a supermarket

– Please Stop, I promise, I won’t do it again. Please stop! – The child was screaming, according to eye withnesses.

The incident occurred at Walmart in Cleveland, Texas. Photographs were taken by the eyewitnesses who reported the case in the Police.

People say that it is wrong that I stood in defense of this girl, but you can not teach a child discipline by pulling her hair, says Erika, an eyewitness to KTRK.

Erika wrote on her Facebook that she and her husband were buying food when they noticed a man pulling his daughter.

She begged him to stop, said Erika

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