Common headaches and dizziness? Persistent fatigue? Read this advice

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in preserving health. Iron is no exception. The World Health Organization warns that 80% of the world’s population suffers from iron deficiency. If you are part of the remaining 20% ​​- continue so. But if you are part of the majority – this article is for you.

What is the role of iron in the body?

His role in the body is great, which shows the fact that it is necessary for the transfer of oxygen to the vital organs, the brain, the heart and the liver. How much oxygen will reach these organs depends on the amount of iron present in the blood. Without it, hemoglobin, which is an integral part of the red blood cells, can not be synthesized, and which transfers oxygen from the lungs to other tissues in the body.

Iron deficiency: Persistent fatigue – if fatigue lasts longer than usual, it is time to investigate whether the cause is iron deficiency; Yellowish, pale complexion – your blood hemoglobin gives you a red color, which makes your skin pink. Any decline in hemoglobin causes pale skin;

Headaches and dizziness – brain arteries often arise in the absence of iron, which causes severe headaches and migraines; Irregular heart beat – because of the accelerated work of the heart, numerous cardiac problems are possible, therefore, when consuming the first uneven heartbeats, consume iron-rich foods;

Headaches and dizziness – brain arteries often occur in iron deficiency, making the challenge puzzling – although the tongue loses its old color, low levels of iron reduce the amount of blood cells that keep healthy muscles in the tongue; Anxiety and stress – iron deficiency can lead to anxiety. Because of the lack of iron, the heart beats rapidly, so you feel tense even when you have no reason to do so; Strong menstrual pains – the lost amount of blood will not be fully recovered if you have iron deficiency, whereupon menstrual pains followed by fatigue originate; you have severe headaches and migraines.

Strong menstrual pain – the lost amount of blood will not be fully recovered if you have iron deficiency, and hence the menstrual pains followed by fatigue;

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