You can use Cannabis for other things besides smoking it

We never got to thinking that cannabis is used to produce hemp, which is actually a useful and environmentally friendly product. The idea of using hemp in products like paper or soap is nothing new. It was popular in the U.S for along time up until early 1900s, when people started to associate it with marijuana. There was a “Marijuana Tax Act” back in the 1937, which lead to harassing and targeting hemp farmers by the law enforcement. By the 1970 the cultivation of hemp was officially forbidden.

 There was a revival in the 1990s, and today hemp’s industry makes $450 million a year. The products are varied and you would be surprised what hemp is used for.

  1. Hemp car. There was a car made of plastic, soybeans and hemp in 1941 by Henry Ford.  This car was much lighter and uses less gas. Unfortunately it never made past the prototype stage.henry-ford-63113_1280
  2.  Hemp Clothes. This type of clothes wasn’t just for hippies, it was quite popular material for high end fashion. Today, exclusive designers like Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein are incorporating hemp fabrics. white-845071_1920
  3. Hemp text Books . Text books were made with hemp paper until 1880s.
  4. Hemp cone Speaker. Experts say that hemp is not only more durable than paper, but it sounds amazing too. High end speakers are using hemp-cones for guitar amplifiers.
  5.  Hemp soap. This is one of the most popular hemp products, because hemp oil is high in essential fatty acids. This product is great for dry skin, and fighting acne.soap-862389_1920
  6. Hempcrete. True that, you can actually build a house using hemp. It is a building material similar to cement.
  7. Hemp wood Finishing. This is environmentally friendly hemp wood finishing.
  8. Hemp hand cream. It was one of the best-selling products.
  9. Hemp Milk. This products is a healthy alternative to milk that comes from cows. It was used by lactose intolerant people. You are also able to make cream of it, effectively making hemp ice cream.

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