Who Can Eat Michael Phelps’ 12,000 Calories Diet!?

The 22 times Olympic gold US swimmer has a pretty challenging breakfast

Michael Phelps, after winning his 22nd Olympic gold medal, is already remembered in the sports history as one of the best athletes to ever live on this planet.

But, in order to achieve these results, beside hard work on training and amazing discipline, Phelps need a bombastic input of calories in his body.

The USA team swimmer is on a 12,000 calories daily diet, and only his breakfast includes 4,000 calories and consists of things such as:

  • three sandwiches with egg omelette and cheese
  • tomatoes, mayo, potatoes
  • 5 egg omelette
  • bowl of musli
  • three pieces of baked bread
  • pancakes with chocolate
  • two coffees

After eating this breakfast, Michael Phelps eats like this two more times, each day! Few restaurants in the US have already created the “Phelps’ breakfast” menu, and there is a viral challenge going online consisting of how can eat the Phelps’ breakfast.


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