Bill Clinton Defends his foundation, from Trump’s violent attacks

Strongly defending the work of the Family Foundation and his wife Hillary Clinton as the candidate of the Democratic Party for US Presidential election, the former President Bill Clinton said that the Foundation and it’s running are one of the purest things he did in his life. This Foundation has been the target of attacks of the Republicans and especially their presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Addressing to the supporters of the New York Foundation “Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation”, the former US President Bill Clinton said that she provided “profound step forward in the behavior and impact of modern philanthropy”.

This Foundation was founded in 2001, as Clinton was preparing to leave the White House, and it was exposed to fierce criticism, especially during the US presidential campaign.

US media thoroughly researched and carried the contents of the electronic mail by the time Hillary was secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, which shows that officials of the foundation requested meetings with Clinton and other US diplomat for donors to the same, among which were foreign countries like Saudi Arabia.

Trump called to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate a possible threat to US national interests and conflicts of interest of the former US Secretary of State, as well as violations of the code of ethics of state administration.

The Clinton couple responded that no back behavior was given, not even to the wealthiest donors to the foundation, including the corporations and foreign governments interested in preferential treatment by US authorities, although probably some of them were hoping to receive one.

To avoid suggestions of conflict of interests, the foundation announced that it will significantly restrict the activities if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election on November the 8th. It won’t take money from foreign sources, as well as money from large corporations and most activities will be shifted to independent organizations not under the control of the Clintons.

The 70-year-old Bill Clinton said that he was frustrated by the journalists who monitored the presidential campaign of his wife, that wrote not about the donors, including Saudi Arabia and foreign billionaires, but also for the charitable programs lead by the Foundation.

He talked a lot about the help the Foundation gave on he shocking meetings with children infected with HIV in Cambodia, with the orphans after the tsunami in 2004 which hit Indonesia and the earthquake victims in Hawaii in 2010.

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