The big clubs are planning World Football League

Gossip or notice a World Football League is a thing that the European football giants, or rather powerful financial clubs have been trying have been trying to deal with. British Mirror claims that despite the announced reforms in the Champions League, in which UEFA is trying to flatter the rich clubs, they want to form their own league and not European, but worldwide.

UEFA announced that from next season the Champions League will change the format, the four strongest European Championships will have guaranteed four seats, which means 16 seats will be filled, while relatively speaking for the small teams through the qualification will be available only four places in the main phase.

However, as the Mirror newspaper informs, it is clear that it would be difficult to prevent the rich clubs to organize their own competition. The announced reforms, according to UEFA, will be valid until 2021, when new changes will take place,  that will further increase the gap between “big” and “small” clubs

Jaco Swart director of the European football championships (EPFL) also confirmed the Mirror writings.

“The formation of secular Super League can not be stopped. For several years will certainly be established world football competition,it will be an exclusive party for the richest football clubs and will earn big money from sponsors and television rights ” he said.

The Director of EPFL recognizes that the purpose of establishing such a competition is exceptionally financial or buisness that will prevail the football moment.

Besides China and the US they are searching for new markets in Brazil, Australia and South Africa.

Mirror also composed the list of possible candidates:

England : Arsenal , Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United , Manchester City

Spain : Madrid , Barcelona, Atletico

Italy , Juventus , Inter Milan

France : PSG , Olympique Lyon

Germany : Bayern Munich , Borussia Dortmund

US : LA Galaxy , New York City

China : Guangzhou , Shanghai

Brazil : Corinthians

Australia: Melbourne City

South Africa : Super Sport United .

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