Apple unveils the new waterproof iPhone 7

Yesterday in San Francisco it was presented the long-awaited new smartphone iPhone 7, which is water resistant, among other things adorns the new design, a new camera, a wireless headset and a better processor.

The Apple CEO, Tim Cook has introduced innovation in Apple Music, which counts more than 17 million users. As Cook says the “unique content and design” was presented.

It was also notified that applications from Apple have been undertaken even 140 billion times, according to them they have twice the revenue of it’s closest competitor, and the growth in popularity if applications from the AppStore .

Shure Cook presented the new operating system iOS 10 and its important option HomeKIt which serves to manage household appliances.

iPhone 7, says Cook, is the best phone that the company has ever produced (which is normal), and now it is water resistant to IP67 standards. It comes in two versions, and advanced plugin Plus carries his name.

The camera has 12 megapixels, it is 60% faster and it uses 30% less battery. iPhone 7 will have double lenses, which will create even better images through a 10x optical zoom and effect of depth.

The Retina HD display is 25% brighter than its predecessor, contains a “color management” Wide Color Capture and of course  3D touch. And the most obvious thing that makes iPhone 7 differs from its predecessors are the wireless headset – AirPods.

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