How Alcohol and Marijuana Affect Sex Life?

Which one is better?

A recent study, conducted by scientists at New York University on 240 various subjects, comparing sexual experiences under the influence of alcohol and marijuana shows that they have different effects the way people behave when choosing a partner, as well as during sex.

Because marijuana in most countries is illegal, and its consumption causes a strong odor, commonly used in private areas, which often facilitate sexual intercourse, said Dr. Joseph  Palmar,  along with his colleagues believes that the taboo associated with smoking weed in fact leads to such intimate meetings, and often practice with someone already known.

Unlike marijuana, alcohol is easily accessible in social encounters which means that sexual encounters with alcohol often practiced by some unknown, which means that the situation before sex is more important than the alcohol.


Overall, marijuana users reported that the consumption of marijuana makes them more selective in terms of the partner, while alcohol consumption lowers their standards for the selection of partners and leads to less satisfaction after sex. Participants increasingly unrepentant about sex while under the influence of alcohol than marijuana.

Participants described a positive sexual effects of alcohol consumption and marijuana , but they are also associated with various adverse effects such as sexual dysfunction. Smoking weed is associated with vaginal dryness in women that alcohol increases the likelihood of impotence in men.


Previous studies have shown that grass reduces testosterone levels in some men, and lower testosterone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol still is depressing mood may reduce sexual desire or make it difficult to get an erection or reaching orgasm. Excessive alcohol consumption has also been associated with erectile dysfunction, because the toxins from alcohol can accumulate in the body and affect the organs, including those involved in sex.

Palmar and colleagues believe that alcohol and grass are associated with unique sexual effects, but alcohol leads to risky sexual behavior. That does not mean that marijuana is safe. Both alcohol and marijuana increase the risk of unsafe sex , so scientists recommend not to consume when they engage in sexual activities.

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