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  • VIBERATE – Join The crowd and get pay in crypto

    Viberate created a platform of live music, where users can search for the profiles of their favorite artists, browse various information, find out about the dates of the future tours, and buy tickets. However, Viberate is designed not only for users, but musicians will also profit from the activity on the platform. Event managers and […]

  • Earn 2% ROI Daily With Hexabot Top

    How does it work? Deposit your funds (Bitcoin and Litecoins currently accepted; 0.005btc was my minimum required deposit) Choose one of the modes. You can only have one mode on at any given time. 0.005btc was the minimum required deposit for me. That’s it. It’s an “Auto-trader” after all. Register for free and get 0.001BTC […]

  • Stress kills us slowly in the following 10 ways

    The modern “silent killer” called stress, is the most difficult one to fight with. It would be easier to fight it if we know what little things he does to our body.. 1. Skin rash – If all of a sudden you notice a skin rash on your body, without any allergic reaction, it is probably […]

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    Goodbye Puffy Eyes!

    Having troubles with dark circles under your eyes?              Now a days most woman spend hundreds of dollars on make up that covers the dark circles, bad pigmentation, or puffy eyes. Every one hates the tired look on their face, so they tend to use highlighters, powders, correction masks, and […]

  • Snoring issues? We have the solution. Sleep well

    Stop snoring and avoid the risk of a heart attack or a stroke for 84% Sleep better.. Give your partner a rest 🙂 There is a new product on the market called snore terminator, that consists no chemical substances or procedures and most certainly resolves the “snoring issues”. It is a small plastic ring that […]

  • Quit smoking in just 3 days!!

      Every single smoker wants to quit smoking at least twice a day. You most certainly feel nervous and hungry every time you want skip a cigarette, this is how we will try to help you lose that feeling. You may have already tried electronic cigarettes, pills, hypnosis, reading and you failed.. it’s all useless.. […]

  • Eating chocolate for breakfast & lose weigh

    Yes its true.  The chocolate cake for breakfast or some kind of mild, believed or not, can help you burn calories faster, according to scientists. Namely, avoiding mild things can cause psychological dependence, that is, a condition in which we constantly long for good. But some studies have shown that if we eat something chocolate […]

  • Common headaches and dizziness? Persistent fatigue? Read this advice

    Vitamins and minerals play an important role in preserving health. Iron is no exception. The World Health Organization warns that 80% of the world’s population suffers from iron deficiency. If you are part of the remaining 20% ​​- continue so. But if you are part of the majority – this article is for you. What […]

  • “Healthy” habits that are actually – unhealthy

    You endeavor to be persistent in carrying out some healthy habits, such as hand disinfection, filling the refrigerator with products with a small amount of fat, or a few hours more sleep over the weekend. But all the “healthy” habits are not so good. Hand disinfection We all know that washing hands is the most […]

  • Instant Dry Cough Relief

    Coughing is a natural reflex that helps us protect our body, but it can become constant and bothersome.  Every time dust or any allergen goes down our throat, our body is trying to expel the irritants by coughing. What causes Dry Cough Infection of the respiratory tract Pneumonia Allergy to dust, pollen, etc. Sinusitis How […]

  • 5 Morning Drinks to Kick-start Your Metabolism: Drink Up!

    According to “food.ndtv” this 5 drinks are the best one to start the day with. Metabolism is a tricky affair. While others may see fitness as elusive, most with a high metabolic rate may find it easy to maintain the same weight over the years. Let us face it, you cannot control the inherent nature […]


    According to last information from WHO, Almonds contain omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, folic acid, and proteins, thus they are considered to be the most nutritious of all nut varieties. Moreover they contain minerals such as copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Nutritionists say that almonds need to be soaked in water during […]

  • JFK Smoked Cannabis In The White House

    According to John F. Kennedy: A Biography (2006), he often relieved his symptoms with the help of some presidential pot. Although other presidents have admitted to smoking it—whether or not they ‘fessed up to actually inhaling—JFK’s use was, according to the biography, actually in the White House.

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